AKVIS Retoucher

Scratches or cracks on old black and white pictures, annoying date stamp or unsightly elements need not be. With the AKVIS Retoucher Download the user gets a helper at hand, eliminates precisely those troublemakers from photos. The operation is very simple and the results are impressive.

Simple photo restoration with AKVIS Retoucher Download

to digitize large collections of analogue images, some of which are still in black and white, is usually only the first step. Often these images are not in good condition, so that a retouching this is necessary. In this way, scratches can remove visible dust, cracks or other damage. To do just that, the AKVIS Retoucher Download is a good remedy. The tool eliminates damage and disturbing elements in a few steps. In addition, missing parts of an image can be reconstructed. For this purpose, surrounding areas are simply used in the photo.

AKVIS Retoucher Download

System requirements for image editing and retouching

The tool can both Mac OS X versions 10.6 - 10.9 are downloaded and Windows PCs and installed. the application runs on the following Windows versions: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. In addition, at least a Pentium IV, a GB of RAM and 100 MB hard disk space is required. In addition, a video card that is compatible with X9 + Direct, necessary with 32 MB and 32 bit color depth.

Applications for the reconstruction tool

The photo reconstruction software used in many different areas, whether it is scanned or digital images. The program can easily deal with damage such as cracks and scratches, which are frequently finds at old analog images. Nor can it be dirt, such as dust or stains make them invisible. In addition, unwanted details, such as date stamps, the bars on an animal cage, unsightly tattoos or people who have run into the picture, wipe can.

AKVIS Retoucher Download Applications

Rapid success in the AKVIS Retoucher

The retouching program can be installed as a standalone tool, it can be treated as a plugin but. So the download of AKVIS Retoucher into other software for image editing such as Photoshop can be integrated. For photo retouching program has versatile tools on board, yet requires no previous knowledge. Thus errors can be fixed quickly and easily in the Express mode. For this, the user only has to select the damaged area, the rest is done by the software. If needed, advanced edits can be made with the tool palette.

AKVIS Retoucher Download Batch

The program also supports batch processing to retouch in one go multiple images with similar errors. This feature is especially useful when you want to remove, for example ugly date stamp on all images of the last holiday. Tool retouched faulty images Anyone who has a large collection of old photos scanned, which has quirks here and there, will have a helpful resource in AKVIS Retoucher. The program also removes unwanted elements or blemishes from images. With simple presentation and handling the program is well suited for beginners.

Limitations of AKVIS Retoucher

10 days trial.