book2 German – Czech

Anyone who is interested in learning the basics of Czech, only needs two things: discipline and book2 German - Czech Download. The latter brings 100 lessons in the form of audio files on the PC. The advantage of the Czech teacher is always there.

Free language teachers: book2 German - Czech Download

Anyone who wants to learn a new language from scratch and has opted for the Czech, did not choose the easiest language. Czech belongs to the Slavic language branch, can therefore be regarding the vocabulary anything derived from German. Also, the grammar is different. However, Czech for German speakers is not so difficult to learn, such as Chinese. Anyone who is unsure and initially no money would take in hand, gets a first taste of the book2 German - Czech download. The user receives 100 lessons in MP3 format and can quickly get a feel for the language.

book2 German - Czech Download

book2 German - Czech for beginners

The auditory language trainer assumes no prior knowledge of Czech. Therefore, it is ideally suited for beginners. The 100 lessons start with very light chapters and increase bit by bit. First, the most important words are learned, then of words phrases and eventually the grammar of the Czech is included. Thus, the students learn playing and using many Samples know the language and the vocabulary itself impresses. The chapters of the language trainer comply with the official European Framework levels A1 and A2. If that is not enough learning exclusively through audition, here is more good programs for learning foreign languages.

book2 German - Czech vocabulary download

Learning foreign languages ​​through everyday situations

As with all languages ​​and other fields of knowledge students learn best when it's fun. For this reason, this language trainer is going on playing. So issues and areas of everyday life are used for lessons. This is fun and brings the students a Czech suggest that it may, as applied in practice. On board, among other topics such as characteristics learning situations, small talk or even lessons to cope in the supermarket, at the bank, the restaurant or the doctor.

learn foreign languages ​​flexible

The advantage of a voice coach as the German book2 - Czech download is that the student is extremely flexible. It can take anywhere MP3s with back and learn when and where he wants. In addition, he can repeat, for example, hard lessons as many times as he likes. The MP3s are incidentally also an excellent complement to a language course. So the student can repeat or at home newly learned vocabulary again to refresh later. learned basic knowledge of Czech quickly To learn a foreign language, one must not necessarily take a course nowadays. Thanks to good tutorials like the book2 German - Czech, now anyone can learn for free Czech. The MP3s are suitable for beginners and can serve as a supplement or stand alone as a voice coach.

Limitations of book2 German - Czech

Free for private use and for public schools.