Manage Vers.verträge – ezVersicherung

ezVersicherung administer the various insurance contracts. In addition, the freeware also takes care of damage, agencies and companies as well as funds and investments. The helper for broker offers numerous integrated document templates for short letters, claims notifications, cancellations, premium waiver, cancellation and powers. Conveniently, includes ezVersicherung Interfaces to Word and OpenOffice Writer. In addition, a built-in TWAIN connectivity imported externally delivered in paper documents using a scanner is connected and assigns the resulting files by clicking the appropriate customers. Who calls an ISDN PABX his own, which also finds a number of practical TAPI functions, including, for example, an automatic caller ID at ezVersicherung. Furthermore, a search and filter function ensures even in larger data sets for overview.

Manage Vers.verträge - Limitations of ezVersicherung

The freeware allows the input of up to 10 clients and 100 contracts.