Supreme manager was formerly known as the Supreme Auction and makes the setting of auctions on the eBay sales platform to a simple finger exercise. The assistant works with a wizard that eBay users through all registration steps in giving up their own auctions forwards. In the free version, the basic functions are available for additional services such as greater product images or their labels, however, the manufacturer asks users to pay. The Supreme Manager wizard asks for the user, all the data required for adjusted auctions like starting price, term, product name and description text. If you want, add up to four photos of the article added his offer. For individual auctions of digital auctioneer brings your own templates, including layouts. Supreme Manager is ideal for Gelegenheitsauktionäre and power seller. The manufacturer disconnects transparent to the user with the free part of the payment services. Who wants to hire graphically attractive offers in eBay, but hardly comes around to the use of premium features.