Goodgame Empire

In Goodgame Empire, the player takes the role of a castle Herr's. The goal is for the free browser game is to create from a nondescript boards mounting gradually a mighty fortress together with the associated realm. Here, every beginning is even with Goodgame Empire hard: natural resources want developed, expanded building, troops dug and the diet be ensured. Logically, a tutorial helps to build the basic buildings to promote building materials such as wood and stone, as well as to boost food production. As befits a medieval game, the game is in Goodgame Empire not only for peaceful producing and building up. That the hearty swords does not come off, make sure the one opposing player and the other robber castles to conquer himself quite worthwhile ... But should not everyone else Goodgame Empire Burgherr be considered the same as a counterparty. Together we are stronger, and so alliances can forge in which the conquest of the comic-like world a lot easier falls safe - tip for fans of games brand The Settlers Online.