Prison Architect Cheats: windfall & brave prisoners

Who wants to facilitate the hard life as a prison director can come up with a few Prison Architect Cheats erschummeln a head start. read here how to get brave passengers and money!

Already the early access phase, which is on the market since 2012, could assemble a enthusiastic following around the prison simulation. Now the full version of Prison Architect download is finally available that will surely significantly expand the circle. However, the single player game structure knew before, to bind the user itself - for countless hours. Not change a few cheats course not - but you can at least make larger changes at this time.

Prison Architect cheats for flagship prisons

Cheating in prison simulator does not use an extra tool yet there are special commands that can be easily enter in the game. Cheating is done by editing a specific file. What this looks like in detail, special Prison Architect cheats should be apparent from the presentation.

Prison Architect Cheats

Note: We recommend one before processing the file Backup from the game or the corresponding file to create. So you can in the event that something goes wrong, go back to his game.

Cheat for infinite amount of money

The player has the opportunity to Prison Architect as much money as he wants to conjure. The steps are as follows:

  • Either the player navigates within the game via the menu to Saves folder or one looks for this via the following path: C: \ Users \% username% \ AppData \ Local \ introversion \ Prison Architect \ saves.
  • If the folder is found, it is opened using a text editor. By double-clicking the file is a Windows message appears that opening is not possible. They then confirmed just that one selects a program from the list, where it can determine an editor.

Prison Architect Cheats Editor

  • To change the amount of money at will, must be searched in the File balance. The quickest way to use Ctrl + F.
  • Now the user changes the number that appears behind balance in any number - depending on how much money he wants; e.g. Balance 1500th
  • If the file is saved, closed and restarted the game, the new monetary value appears.

free prison misconduct

Among the Prison Architect cheats there is also one that makes very brave occupants of the prisoners who do not even know the word wrongdoing. the cheat is activated as follows:

  • The user first opens again Saves file and search for the keyword EnabledMisconduct.
  • At the point where it first appears, should be true beyond. This changes the user to false.
  • Once again save the file and open the game.

clear demand for electricity and water

This trick saves you a lot of money. The procedure is similar to other Prison Architect Cheats:

  • The user searches the file for the terms Saves EnabledElectricity and EnabledWater. Both areas are by default set to true.
  • Here, the simple true again exchanged for false, save and close file.Note: This cheat continues after the outbreak of a fire or riot again and again returns true.

Everything explore and correct errors

In Prison Architect, there is a field of research that can be also manipulated. Saves the file all possible research areas are listed after the phrase BEGIN Research. After Progress a digit follows. Who sets it to 1.00000, has explored everything. The player should also have entered behind Desired false.

In addition, the player has the chance to undo mistakes. As with the other Prison Architect cheats also that Saves file is processed.

  • We are looking for there first BEGIN penalties. Behind a number will be shown at points. This puts the player at 0.00000.
  • Among them appear again BEGIN Penalties followed by size. This sets the user to 0.
  • Following that behind each additional line must now be deleted even until END appears.

The area must look like this in the file:

Prison Architect Cheats Penalties