Of the Kaloma download supports users in complying with their diet plan. The freeware keeping to the diet control objectively the daily calorie intake, including graphical analysis.

Fight against excess pounds with the Kaloma Download

Kaloma divided into two functional areas: In the view of one calorie calculation captures the daily used foods that detects the software into categories such Kcal, Kjoule, BE, fat or protein. Entering the diet plan after meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. The calorie intake is the freeware as a graphic, where the data can be exported into any application. In the view calorie table to add database tables to the individual food consumption serving and their calorie content.

Anyone who wants to create a completely new database. Alternatively, you can download a pre-built database in the download area and use as a reference. The free Kaloma is a practical tool in the fight against excess pounds. The German language interface should also PC-lay open quickly. The only catch: After installation is a calorie chart must be integrated retroactively or create yourself. Many other programs for area food & Drink contains our software catalog for free download.

Kaloma download