Internship application pattern

Of the Applications Internships pattern Download contains a perfect template for a cover letter that is provided by the Staufenbiel Institute free of charge. The sample cover letter for an internship application is available as PDF and Word template and simply provided individually with their own data and stages of his professional life.

Applications Internships pattern Download: template for the cover letter Internship

Those who wish to apply for an internship, should be based on the applications Internships template. As "Mrs. Smith" serves internship cover letter Verena Meier, who is studying in the fifth semester of Business Administration and is applying for a six-month internship in the Controlling. Experts recommend to make a specific point of contact for the Internship Application locate, as this increases the chances of a successful application significantly. Verena has heeded this advice and refers to the application placement pattern on a phone call with a contact in the company.

Applications Internships pattern DownloadApplications Internships pattern Download: Clever template for your own Internship Application

Internship cover letter is a concrete link to the company

In the course of the internship cover letter Verena bring their curricula and their own practical experience under sent, so they tried to make themselves interesting for the company. It demonstrates the practical application in this way clearly that she has studied as a candidate to consider the content of an internship at the company, and the employers themselves. She describes her expectations for the internship and are also the reasons, why she is applying for an internship just at this company. This is particularly important as human resource managers sort out according to experience an Internship Application equal appearing as a ground cover letter without specific terms of the internship and the company.

Application internship with good chances of success thanks to professional template

As for the other HR important information in the Internship Application calls the period from when and how long they would be for an internship for Avail. Who uses the application placement pattern download, has a good chance that the letter does not land internship in the trash, but also has an invitation to the interview result.

A few tips for the cover letter internship:

  • Telephone number and e-mail address not forgotten.
  • Application addressed specifically to the contact person
  • The subject is bold, without the word "Subject" to use
  • Avoid standard phrases and generate interest in the first sentence
  • mention earliest possible starting date and any salary
  • Do not forget to sign the letter
  • formulate letter confident, but not arrogant
  • The cover letter should fit on one A4 page
  • can be read cover letter correction