Of the Little Password Safe Download manages important passwords in a small vault at Windows. The freeware stores all passwords into an encrypted database that can be accessed locally or on the way to the user.

Little Password Safe download with integrated password generator

Little Password Safe (LPS) without installation under Windows and can also run from removable media or USB Memory. The Freeware registered passwords are stored in the database with a so-called master password encrypted. In this way, users only have to remember one password.

Little Password Safe (LPS) simplifies the management of passwords and login data by all relevant sensitive data is stored at a central location. Main functions: records in an encrypted vault file manage optional automatic exit after a given interval, optional empty the clipboard after search, defining a default vault (autostart), optional password entry when LPS is opened from the tray area, built-in password generator built-in virtual keyboard for secure password entry, various shortcuts for quick and easy operation and multi-user access.

Little Password Safe Download