Studio One Free

Studio One Free

Of the Studio One Free Download makes the Windows PC for music production center. Studio One offers extensive functions in audio and MIDI, but one thing: Easy To Use.

Studio One Free Download as recording studio for audio hobbyists

Vocal and instrumental record audio hobbyists with Studio One and bend the tracks with a variety of integrated effects. The selection is not limited here on effects such as reverb and echo, but also offers a whole range of expressive productive effects. At the latest, thanks to the full VST support (Free Edition: no VST 2 / VST 3) can be found in any case guarantees the right Klangverbieger from thousands of freeware plugins to priceless. The tempo of audio snippets automatically adjusts Studio One the way to the song tempo. VST effects and onboard plugin you applies also to the virtual sound generator. This allows for optional supplied synthesizers, drum machines and samplers (Pro only) be, or external plugins. Again, the VSTi standard is supported, which opens up an infinite universe of sound generators. But ReWire is supported, one grinds production tools such FruityLoops, Ableton Live or Reason through the mixer from Studio One and controls the individual instruments via MIDI.

The outstanding feature of Studio One is the operating concept. Call the most professional production environments a disproportionate effort as to include a new instrument on, we here simply pulls an instrument, a patch or an effect of a well-stocked list on the corresponding track or in the arrangement. Shall effects are exchanged within a track, we also completed the swap by simply using the mouse. Studio One does not reinvent the wheel, but makes it a multiple round – even if the freeware version lacks one or another goodie. Although the top dogs have a few more features with each new version sets S1 here but after. Studio One is definitely worth the latest with the free version now at least an accurate listening.

Studio One Free Download

Limitations of Studio One Free

The download contains the Free Edition, a 30-day trial of the Pro version. Which requires a free registration from the manufacturer.