Synaware Recall – Neural Networks

Synaware Recall provides a development platform for the design of artificial neural networks. With very little effort, neural networks can be constructed which can be used both within Synaware recall and in your own programs. Numerous functions, views and integrated tools support during all phases of the design, to application. Thanks to smart design and appealing design even inexperienced software developers with this easy-to-use tools in a very short time can be realized in a position to successfully artificial intelligence in denvon them developed programs. The pre-constructed, neural networks can be integrated into any, self-programmed applications with the included from Synaware Recall Enterprise Java Runtime Environment Engine, to train them there in the environment provided directly and apply. This allows you to use the full functionality of neural networks created and processed. With regard to licensing, for the transfer of the Runtime Engine with your software, there are no restrictions. You are entitled to deliver the corresponding components with your applications to your customers. The runtime engine is available both as a managed .NET assembly, and in the form of a native component. This allows the use of neural networks that have been developed with Synaware Recall Enterprise, in a variety of operating environments and development environments.

Limitations of Synaware Recall - Neural Networks

Storing data is not possible in the demo version.