Here are the most annoying chain letters WhatsApp!

WhatsApp annoying chain letters appear regularly. Sometimes the bizarre message is not revealed. Inform now & break the chain! Everybody knows it, but no one knows where it comes from. In the analogue age he wasted paper and müllte the schoolyard to, now he eats data volume and provides annoying news: The chain letter. The messages with exponential distribution have already taken hold even when messengers. Currently make very many chain letters on WhatsApp the round. In some cases, the writing sounds like an official announcement until the call for copying and forwarding. can download and install for yourself WhatsApp on iPad, the messages also appear on Apple devices.

The three most annoying types of WhatsApp chain letters

  1. The "official" WhatsApp message
  2. The message of death
  3. Tell me…

1&# 46; The "official" WhatsApp message - Leite on, otherwise it will be expensive

Following the acquisition of the Messengers through Facebook a particularly large WhatsApp chain letters were in circulation. They came from the old WhatsApp team from the new CEO or by concerned friends who wanted to draw attention to changes in the terms and conditions. WhatsApp chain letter In the friendlier version, the special benefits for transfer without the threat of negative consequences, were simply given away. In the variant böswilligeren the authenticity of the account should be checked with the message. In all cases, the request for forwarding was there. Who has not followed the instruction, was going to be WhatsApp - allegedly. These messages will be always in circulation. Currently also false virus alerts are frequently on the go. Of these, one should not get confused and in doubt read on the official website of the provider.

2&# 46; The message of death - you are next in line

While the chain letter of WhatsApp makes some users for slight uncertainty, spread horror chain letters, especially by younger users, fear and terror. Periodically messages are circulating with death threats. WhatsApp horror Kettenbried So, or something like that, the core message can be summarized. Often the message begins with the detailed account of a murder before it addresses the receiver directly. Such news travels, partly as audio files a distorted voice like wildfire in schools.

3&# 46; Tell me ... - and I'll tell you what's going on

Strictly speaking, these games are not WhatsApp chain letters, but they are spreading as quickly and are just as annoying. First, the recipient is prompted to reply with a number between 1 and 50, the state of the battery or a smiley face. WhatsApp game Depending on the response you have to perform various tasks. The resolutions range from witty status changes to embarrassing photos. On the Internet there are many different resolutions to the various answers. The relationships are arbitrary and can be chosen in principle by the initiator itself, while the limits should not be exceeded from harmless fun. Whether one mitbeteiligt at retransmission, each itself is left.