sell the Steam Account

sell the Steam Account

Anyone who wants can sell his account with Steam. Legally, nothing prevents. Here’s how it works. now the Steam Account Sale! Steam is a gaming platform that can impress with their easy handling and a good overview. Not for nothing more than a million people have downloaded an account with Steam for free. Nevertheless arises for them again and again the question of whether you can sell your own Steam account. Steam Account Sale

How to sell the Steam Account

Before the actual sale of the own Steam account can take place, you should be aware of the rules and guidelines of the platform clear. According to terms and conditions of sale of accounts on Steam is prohibited. In addition, the transfer accounts is also prohibited for money or other valuables. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to give his account. For example, are traded on eBay and eBay Classifieds repeatedly with Steam accounts. Illegal selling is not. One can this not be legally prosecuted. but the platform Steam reserves the right to penalize possible account deals and close it.

Requirements for the sale of accounts on Steam

In order to account for sale on Steam, users need only an active Steam account, which is occupied by any barrier. In addition, this account should also exist a few years. In order to profitably sell the Steam account, also should be several games in their own games library.

So goes the sale of Steam Accounts

1&# 46; step: The Steam Account sell users like about ads on the Internet or private. Here are the greatest opportunities to a potential buyer. 2&# 46; step: After receipt of money or other valuables, the owner must hand over the account information to the buyer. Here both the password and the e-mail address should be changed. Steam Account login page Sale 3&# 46; stepAfter this procedure, the transfer of the account, nothing stands in the way. The buyer can now use fully on Steam the account.