Exact Audio Copy

Exact Audio Copy makes its name and places the contents of music CDs faithfully as MP3 or WAV files on the computer from.

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The free Ripper does his work with the help of the popular LAME encoder and is day-information request from the Internet. For this it is necessary to notify Exact Audio Copy a valid email address, otherwise the reference suggests the information about artist, album and song titles fail.

As part of the installation and initial program, the freeware also determines whether LAME is installed and gives a hint of the opposite case. Can not be found, the encoder, Exact Audio Copy works anyway, only missing the option to generate the MP3s. Exact Audio Copy also has a so-called error correction on board. This feature tries when reading scratched discs to prevent faulty audio files and generates an appropriate message if it fails.

Exact Audio Copy Download

Exact Audio Copy is rounded off by an internal burning program. This burns stored audio files of supported formats as conventional music CDs. Many other CD ripper for free download includes our software catalog.

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