QV-QuickLoad to an alternative to the unpopular "Photo Loader" represent from Casio. While the whole rest of the Library "Photo Loader" is rather disturbing with the HTML file, its function is to rotate the pictures, very useful. Therefore QV-QuickLoad has been created that brings down a few clicks all the graphics from the camera and copied to a directory on your hard drive. The images can be rotated lossless case, the EXIF ​​information remains intact. the previews from the hidden directory PREVIEW \ be copied on request. QV-QuickLoad does not try to programs to compete as IMesh or PhotoMeister - an image database will not be found in QV Quick Load, as any different kind of management functions. The features of QV-QuickLoad in detail: * Copy and automatic, lossless rotation of images from digital camera * also copy the previews from the subdirectory PREVIEW \ (these are also, of course, lossless rotate) * AVI, JPG and TIF files are copied [only JPG files are rotated] * no installation required, no entries in the Windows directory - just start and get started (for example, you could copy the program on the memory card and start if necessary on third-party computers) * Download with one click - to just in the options menu to create a shortcut New in version 1.1.0: the file date is not changed by rotating and more (see website).