Of the Vextractor download supports graphic when automatically generating vector drawings based on image files. The shareware imports the popular image formats and converts them into mathematically calculated lines and surfaces.

Vextractor Download with numerous filters

The corresponding templates reads the tool either from a hard drive or directly from the scanner. Thanks to the edge detection Vextractor vectorized both maps and tables and graphs. To this end, the drawing program contains numerous filters that reduce rework by hand to a minimum. A graphic designer smooths curves automatically and sets intersecting lines in different levels one above the other.

Also settings for colors or the accuracy of the lines meet Vextractor click. Different filters help to edit the original images that an optimal vector is created. This is exported for further processing in CAD programs or graphics tools such as Adobe Illustrator.

Supported input formatsBMP, TIFF, GeoTIFF, GIF, JPEG, PCX, TGA, PNG, WBMP, ICO

Supported output formats: DXF, DXB, WMF, yxz ASCII, EPS, SVG, ILDA, AcrView shapefiles, MapInfo MID / MIF

Vextractor download

Limitations of Vextractor:

Limited functionality and watermarks in the output files.