NetBalancer Free

NetBalancer Free optimizes the available bandwidth Internet connections. The freeware monitors the data stream running applications and notify them of a portion of the available bandwidth by specifications on.

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With NetBalancer Free to split a priority and a maximum data rate for uploads and downloads from the Internet to each individual application. Procedure set thanks to this traffic shaping can download multiple Internet activities such as torrents, listen to radio and execute Surfing the web at the same time and above all liquid users. The higher the priority of the program, the more bandwidth is NetBalancer Free free for the process.

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With free NetBalancer Free users decide for themselves which range the operating system for which application. Compared to the paid version you can prioritize up to three processes with NetBalancer Free however. Anyone who has to fight more often with bandwidth problems, has to distribute with NetBalancer a useful resource to hand the available resources at will to open applications.

Limitations of NetBalancer Free

The free version processed max. three traffic rules and three process or device priorities.