On the web, there are rumors that it is possible with a certain software news at read along WhatsApp to! Is this true and if privacy is at risk - more here!

Although WhatsApp is currently the most popular Messenger, concerning data protection and privacy, he fell in the past repeatedly negatively to. No wonder that one or the other wonders of the download of WhatsApp for Android if hackers are able to read in their own account.

read along WhatsAppOne can read messages in WhatsApp?

able to follow WhatsApp: cause for concern?

Because of its enormous popularity WhatsApp is of course always interesting for hackers and cyber criminals. There are constant warning messages via subscription traps and fake messages. This is annoying and for those who have fallen for such offers, also extremely annoying. But that one's own account is hooked and chats be read, is virtually impossible. Although WhatsApp is not the flagship data protection Messenger. Gaps that existed in the past, were closed. In addition, an end-to-end encryption to be introduced now that offers users even more protection from Ausspäh attempts.

read along messages as control?

Those looking for even for a way to be able to read the messages, for example, his children with WhatsApp, who had warned at this point! Not only does it violate the privacy of the person. It is also immoral and a procedure in which abused the trust of the other. But you can once home to the moral high ground, it is simply forbidden! Who will read unauthorized messages in WhatsApp, violates the Telecommunications Act (TKG). Even installing applications on third-party devices that allow eavesdropping, is not legal. In addition, it is easy also dangerous and can be very expensive in the end. Why?

WhatsApp read along ToolsTools to read along - Beware of false promises

Dangerous apps to read along with WhatsApp

Who embarks on this topic on the search, will soon come up in a variety of offers that promise the user that they could read along with other WhatsAppern. These tools are reiner Schwindel and on top of that dangerous. Not for nothing are apps of this kind has been banned from the store. Among the tools that make false promises, include:

  • WhatsApp Spy
  • WhatsApp Detective
  • WhatsApp Sniffer

Who such APK files takes place via the PC on his smartphone, although can read any messages with WhatsApp, but infected software gets it into the house. The tools include in most cases Trojans or viruses that infect the computer or cell phone. Some criminals turn the user with these spy tools on a subscription.

Whoever does not respect the privacy of friends or children, shall be punished on the spot with juicy bills or the theft of sensitive data. Therefore we recommend: away Dear finger!