Behind the Schobuk download hides a layout for individual photo books and similar printed matter. Whether one designed with the freeware with the somewhat unusual program name wedding or birthday newspapers or assembles his holiday memories, the user is left completely change.

Wedding and birthday newspapers customize the Schobuk Download

At the beginning of each new project is in Schobuk the choice of measurement. Here, the graphic user classical DIN A4, A5 and A3 + to choose from. Furthermore, it also lays post and folded cards in different sizes. In the next step you indicates how many pages should include the project and chooses an appropriate one's own wishes allocation of pages in text and image blocks.

Simply drag&Drop the user then moves in with Schobuk his pictures in the appropriate frame and performs basic processing steps. This expertise includes the automatic fitting the photos into the frame boundary, rotate and flip, but also corrections of brightness. imparting means of a series the included wallpapers the books more optical whistle. Finished photo books of creative users directly from Schobuk handing out the manufacturer for printing. This order and data transfer can be done both online and by burning and by post sending the print data. Before the final output of the data, the program also checks the layout makes sense for errors, so the pressure is also nothing goes wrong.

Schobuk download