The free Domination gives the classic game of risk to life. Up to six players play either on a PC on the local network or via the Internet. For a game alone also computer opponents are available in three different difficulty levels. The freeware Domination provides pure conquest. After altbekanntem gameplay it's place, attack and ward to meet the particular mission units. These include the conquest of all capitals, a particular area or simply the removal of all or certain of enemy troops. Convenient: For a better overview about the current process on the field Domination brings a number of different overviews. Here you get rapid information on land ownership, threatened borders, troop strength, etc. If the supplied card will eventually get bored, in the download area, various other maps to download. an installed Java Runtime Environment is the way necessary for the operation of the game. The free board game remake Domination does not invent the risk-wheel. For this, it provides a clean new edition of one of the most popular board games in the world. Domination is fun, is going well and is largely Germanized. Fun guaranteed. To carry out the installation of the Java Runtime Environment is required.