Sven Zwo is Back in Black: Sven, most potent of the far north sheep's back and still has only one mission: A tryst after another. He still toddles through the shepherd's flock and delighted the ladies to big, blissful pop. But something is different with Sven Zwo. Besides Lars nodding off, the shepherd and his dog Wotan a strange, red-headed beings across the meadows, in front of Sven jumps nor safe is still his old acquaintance. Bromse, the niece of the shepherd, is visiting and Sven has really liked. And whoever the saying "When love hurts" has invented, has certainly made acquaintance with Bromse. All in all, brings the "helpful" Poppstar Sven in the second part Kurzweil home. Sven Zwo goes the way of amorous sheep Sven consistently. New levels and new enemies make the game of skill that little bit more varied.

Limitations of Sven Zwo

In the trial, not all levels and features available.