Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja grabs the same mobile-hit game of the iPhone in the Metro interface of Windows 8 Metro app has the same game goal as the mobile version - to carve as much fruit without triggering this bomb explosions. In Fruit Ninja mouse cursor or the touch screen when the finger acts as a virtual sword. around on the screen flying fruit applies it to snip with the sword. It does not matter whether they are watermelons, apples, bananas, lemons or strawberries. But beware: In between flying bombs on the screen that explode when touched and have or point deduction result end the game immediately. Three varieties round out the freeware. Fruit Ninja is likely to continue its triumphant on the phone with Windows 8th The attractive graphics and intuitive gameplay aims skillfully onto the majority of casual gamers. The most fun is likely to make on Windows 8 devices with touch screen and finger control Fruit Ninja.