WhatsApp does not load any videos? There is help!

You want to watch a clip, but WhatsApp does not load any videos? Then you should here fast read and follow these steps!

After downloading WhatsApp for Android or iOS, it can happen from time to time that images or clips can not be displayed. Most is the only to connection problems and the problem took care of itself once you again have a better network. Should not be the reason for the connection that you can see clips, it may be due to these causes.

WhatsApp does not load videosWhatsApp does not load any videos? Then there is quick help here. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

WhatsApp does not load any videos? Maybe it's at the time!

WhatsApp has a weird problem with the date and time on the phone when not set correctly. This may be one reason why, when the problem: WhatsApp invites are no videos. In this case, simply update the information in the phone and try to download the video again.

A check of the SD card and get more and resolve the video problem

The SD Card is a perfect source for various disorders. So you should check the following things about download problems:

  • Are not enough free space on the SD card? Then you can delete obsolete or unnecessary data or invest in a card with a larger storage capacity.
  • Is the SD card write-protected? Then the card must be reformatted (Warning: This will clear all stored on the card data such as photos or videos lost)
  • Is the SD card easily broken? In this case, the card must be removed by. Optionally, the video can then be saved directly on the mobile device or the old card is replaced by a functioning.

Depending on the exchange of the SD card can therefore fix the problem and after the clips can be easily downloaded manually by clicking on the video. So should the problem: "WhatsApp does not load video" be off the table!

prevent automatic video download

Make it bothers but rather that the videos are automatically downloaded, because this data volume is exhausted very quickly. Especially if you have contacts that bring ceaselessly various cat videos or similar achievements of modern technology among the people. But even for this problem there is a solution. In Settings of WhatsApp following knobs must be pressed:

  • call the data usage option.
  • Under the heading Media Auto-Download Call In mobile data connection
  • uncheck videos.

Anyone who wants can also prevent the automatic download of photos, audio data or other documents under this point. Only the automatic download of voice messages can not be disabled.

![WhatsApp no ​​videos automatically loads (/images/inline_article/whatsapp-laedt-keine-videos-hier-gibt-es-hilfe-article-599c537f7912f.jpeg "Who wants to save data volume, should remove the check mark. (Screenshot: Editorial)")