The free GeoSetter adds digital photos geodata. The freeware linked GPS data with digital photos and makes the views available in Google Earth. GeoSetter offers shutterbugs numerous options that can be photos provided with geographic data such as coordination and altitude information. The freeware taggt the photos, for example, with the data of a carried GPS receiver or manually entered location data. GeoSetter is compatible with popular image formats such as JPEG and TIFF, and various RAW formats DNG, CRW and CR2 to SRF, RWL and THM. A built-in export function transfers the data at the request of Google Earth. Coordinates and shooting directions can thereby be put card or direct entry of coordinates, direction and height values ​​by hand over an embedded Google Maps. With GeoSetter photographers arrange their photos to the recording location. The freeware provides many options, so you should plan a certain training period in order to take maximum advantage of the freeware.