iPhone Backup Extractor

iPhone Backup Extractor decrypted in iTunes backups stored on iPhone, iPad & Co. and gives access to the contained user data. The shareware restores when needed items such as contacts, photos, SMS, music, calendar or app files.

iPhone Backup Extractor download for backups of Apple devices

iPhone Backup Extractor scans the backup contained on the instructions of the directory path of iTunes for Windows. The tool will find it, it displays the data found in the individual backups by categories such as photos, contacts, images, voice mails or calendar sort of.

Similarly, call logs, SMS and MMS can restore films, calendar entries, notes, app data and saved games. The contact details found exported the helper either in a CSV file to vCard or iCal format. Multimedia files stored by the extractor in original format on the hard disk. The iPhone Backup Extractor is very useful for file recovery from encrypted backups of Apple devices. In the trial, however, be compared to the full version files only individually - not in one go - secure back.

Limitations of iPhone Backup Extractor

The trial extracted maximum per operation four individual files.