Moments hold, up stories and make life more colorful: Thanks to the Snapchat app can share real snapshots and snapshots with friends. The photos are only visible for a few seconds and automatically delete themselves after watching.

Snapchat appThe Snapchat app provides real added value: provided photos with filters, send and left to Nirvana. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Snapchat app brings new ease in snapshots

With the first mobile phone cameras let's play moments of life to record. And since almost everyone is running around with a smartphone in your pocket, also sharing has become much easier with others.

Numerous free messenger or social networks take now the function of sharing. Every situation in life can be saved and so hold on forever - and not just on your own device, but also on the recipient. Once received and sent all the images remain on the phone and continue to spread until they are extinguished manually.

short-term wins

And that brings more impact with it: On the one hand will remain in place witty snapshots, which disappear only in the context of time. It is often funny to remember later on it, but the flood of images that we absorb, can fade quickly really beautiful moments.

Then again actual snapshots may be trimmed to perfection as it is for example often the case with Instagram the case. The spontaneity is lost.

In addition, we seem the internal memory of our smartphones with this flood of images very much. Although there are cloud storage, but all private pictures and documents you might want to not save there too.

And a fourth, very big aspect is security: Who guarantees that the shared content is not making the rounds among friends, but also outside it or equal anywhere on the Internet, where he actually should not end up? Just trying to prevent the Snapchat app.

Snapchat App FiltersSnapchat was one of the first apps that brought the movable filter into play that adapt to the face and movements. (Picture: Snapchat)

Messages in the Snapchat app destroy themselves

With Snapchat for Android and iOS, and Windows is just taking Although spontaneous images and snapshots like Instagram or via the normal mobile phone camera. Just for that is the main function of the app: create picture and short video messages and send. The remarkable thing is that look at all sent shots after a few seconds to delete itself from the recipient's device.

In addition, there are no right profile, but rather channel over which can share content on Snapchat. But the images also posted there Files disappear after a certain time.

Filters are the salt in the soup Snapchat

The special feature of the created about Snapchat content in addition to the automatic delete function but also the possibility of processing. Thus, different filters on images and even videos can create or decorate the snaps with writing, stickers and Selbstgemaltem. Is particularly famous as the dog filter that has helped the app to further glory. Each of us has determined at least one friend, whose face has been transformed into the profiles of social media in the one sweet puppy with floppy ears and a long tongue. Such filters react to movement: mouth - Dog tongue out. Meanwhile, some filters also switch between front and rear camera.

But static time and temperature and Geofilter there, which can be applied only in certain regions and cities. Functions such Faceswap are also possible. Some filters are designed especially for more than one person.

For some time, but individual Snaps can also be combined to form the so-called stories. The snaps appear here in chronological order - the shooting - so tell a story from the life of the creator. Stories remain available for 24 hours, after which they also delete themselves. But you can at least be saved by the creator of the 24 hours before. Also live stories are now possible.

Snapchat app StoriesThe stories a new exciting feature has moved some time ago: Just Snaps string together a story. (Picture: Snapchat)

Create Snaps: How to

At first, the Snapchat app may seem a bit confusing. After a little trial and error, however, explained everything by itself.The camera view is basically the main screen. an image is made by tapping the circle. Remains of the finger on the circle, creating a video. Then filter, stickers and Co. can be applied.

Who wants to use movable filter masks like the dog must activate the front camera and leave earlier scan his face, so that the filter can be accurately placed on the face.

If one is satisfied with the recording, the work can be provided with a text. The display time can be set between one and ten seconds. The receiver can receive a response video directly. So friends can experience the response to mailed quasi live.

Who will wipe from the camera view to the left, ends up in the chat. A wipe to the right brings you to the stories, another gives you the opportunity to discover items of public profiles.

Wipes your instead upwards, you land on your profile with which you call up the settings, create a profile picture or you can edit your Bitmoji. Also the Adden of friends is possible.

Snapchat app MemoriesAlthough contents destroy itself after some time - in the field memories can be save selected Snaps. (Picture: Snapchat)

View Snaps?

To view an image obtained or videos of the fingers must remain on the screen all the time. This is to prevent a screenshot. Since this is possible for fingered user yet, a notification function has been integrated. The Messenger informed immediately when a snapshot was taken. In lending activities protocol is visible when a Snapchat has been viewed. Similarly, one can see there, from and to whom the last messages were sent.

The Messenger is not as safe as thought

The supposed safety of the app has a lot of users led to Send particularly intimate images. And that's what has made the Messenger several times a popular target for hackers. Although the messages from the server and the mobile phone are deleted, but there remain data tracks that can be reconstructed. In addition to the above screenshot, there are numerous ingenious methods to restore damaged images. So the application was repeatedly hacked because of images in the media spotlight.

At the same time Snapchat, takes out the right to use the data stored on corporate servers images of a user to edit and publish. The name, image and voice of the user is allowed to use unlimited Snapchat. In addition, the app requires a lot of permissions.