Ad Blocking Android advertising free surf with your mobile phone

Ad Blocking Android advertising free surf with your mobile phone

Many users have already installed on the computer, known as ad blockers that prevent the calling of websites, Facebook, YouTube and Co. that an overly obtrusive growths of the genus ad the pleasure of browsing the Internet. Ad blocker for Android do the same job on mobile devices with Google operating system. A reliable example is the Adblock browser Android app Eyeo that exist with us for free download.

Ad Blocking Android Free Apps block ads on smartphones and tablets

On mobile devices, smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular ad blocker. Although smartphone displays are getting bigger – the size of the ads increases felt. And it can be quite annoying when a penetrating display again covers the text you are reading. Often, these ads can not even click away. In addition, too much advertising can pages load more slowly and eats data volumes and reduces the battery life.

Ad Blocking AndroidBe served better with a Ad Blocking Android devices? Yes! We show you how. (Images: pixabay / Editorial)

While it is for many website owners today essential einzupflegen advertising, since they are financed through ads, but somewhere where the fun ends there – namely, if the user experience is limited. Some ad blockers are therefore passed to pass Advertising partly to eliminate except the ads that restrict the use or are unacceptable in substance. Before advertising, behind which tracking services or malware is hidden, the user is protected. By blocking these malware privacy and viruses increases are less likely.

Two prominent representatives who are doing their job in good manner, the following:

  • Adblock browser (based on the former Adblock Plus App)
  • AdAway Android

The Adblock browser: Mobile app from the market leader among the advertising blockers

Adblock Plus should most Internet users be a household name, the add-on for the browser but is one of the most popular promotional blockers worldwide. The software is available not only for all common Internet browser, but as an app for smartphones and tablets – in the form of a Firefox-based browser for Android and iOS devices. According to the manufacturer Eyeo Ad Blocking Android blocks all ads before the user gets it to the face, but can on request advertising on favorite sites or ads but tolerated by.

Adblock browser is compatible with devices running Android 2.3 and higher. The installation requires about 24 MB of internal memory, 384 MB RAM, and a display that is at least 320 pixels high and 240 pixels wide. Unlike its predecessor, the app also true for iOS devices iOS. 8

Ad Blocking AndroidExercise you do not have to struggle with unwanted advertising.

The use of the tool requires at least Android 2.3 expected and requires approximately 24 MB of internal memory, 384 MB RAM and a 320×240-pixel display. no root privileges are necessary for the browser. It was different with its predecessor, the best run as root. means to have a gerootetes phone that you have unrestricted read and access rights to the operating system of the mobile device. So you can be smart phone or tablet then retrofitted to certain functions or change system settings.

are blocked by Adblock Plus Android way, depending on the setting any ads on your phone, so both the display when you call Web pages and the ads within the different apps.

AdAway Android: Easy to use ad blockers for rooted devices

Unlike the Adblock browser is a gerootetes Android device requirements for the use of AdAway Android. The operating system version is required 2.1 or higher. The operation of the Ad Blockers for Android is easy. After downloading AdAway have to take no further action and can easily accept the default settings. In addition, the speed when surfing the mobile network or using other app is not slowed down by AdAway Android. Similar to Adblock Plus Android AdAway offers users the ability to manually create whitelists or blacklists.

AdAway Android, making it an easy to use Android ad blocker that blocks reliably ads on mobile phones or tablets – but to fully recommend just not for every user because the device must be rooted. And that in turn can and not every user wants to do with his smartphone or tablet, as this guarantee is lost and you can do some things wrong as a non-experienced users as well.

Depending on the user requirement so there are several ways to defend themselves against unwanted, annoying ads on the smartphone to defend – with an ad blocker Android.