Tunesoft holiday planner

Of the Tunesoft holiday planner download organizes the presence and absence of the workforce based on an Excel worksheet. The manager also is also suitable for use with the OpenOffice Calc equivalent.

Tunesoft holiday planner download available for the management of attendance and absence times

The Excel worksheet provides various spreadsheets, for example, where the employees are entered together with information on the entitled or remaining vacation. Also, found here a year and a monthly overview. In these calendars Tunesoft considered holiday planner both weekends as well as the nationwide and country-specific holidays.

Moreover Tunesoft holiday planner includes a function that assigns each employee with his work. Here is noted, for example, who is the complete week from Monday to Friday to work or visits the office only on certain days.

Tunesoft holiday planner download

Limitations of Tunesoft holiday planner

The demo version recovers only the months of January to March represents.