Advance in order to manually Spotify disconnect from Facebook can that registration should not be carried out via the Facebook account. If so, actually only helps the Spotify support. Alternatively, one can at most delete his account and creating another. Used the e-mail address during registration, the procedure is much simpler. However, the decoupling does not work - as would be assumed - via Spotify. Those looking for the appropriate settings for streaming service, in vain. Those who want to test the streaming music service free for 60 days, arrived here for Spotify download for PCs.

Spotify disconnect from FacebookWho wants to separate Spotify on Facebook, can do that on fb settings. (Image: Screenshot Facebook / Editorial)

Spotify on Facebook separate after registration via e-mail

If you have registered with his e-mail address, you can disconnect from Facebook independently and without support Spotify. In addition one logs in with his profile on Facebook. Top right is situated next to the items "name", "Home" and "Friends" dark blue-coded icons. Arrow located by clicking on the rightmost opens a drop-down menu. Here you select the "Settings". there are left all setting option in the window that opens. In the next step, select the menu item "Apps". You will see a list of all the apps that are connected to Facebook. From this list Spotify can be removed with a few clicks.

Spotify on Facebook separate apps(Image: Screenshot Facebook / Editorial)

Alternatively, you can call the Spotify application from the search box. be on the right side there are the personal settings that wants to use Spotify. Here Spotify can easily block. can be easily via this route Spotify disconnect from Facebook.

Spotify on Facebook separate application(Image: Screenshot Facebook / Editorial)

Decoupling for a registration of Spotify via Facebook

If you have registered with his Facebook account on Spotify and now wants to, for example, delete his profile thereat without having to give up his Spotify account, you have to go through the support. Otherwise you lose by deletion of the Facebook profile and access to Spotify. Simply write an e-mail to [email protected] and explain that you want to keep his Spotify account after deletion of the Facebook profile. The support then explain all further steps and with a little luck you get hold of the new registration nor a free trial membership for over two months. The important thing is that you can finally delete the Facebook profile after connecting the changeover.

Alternative: Secure Channels

you want to not go over the support, this can also be done manually the whole procedure. However, this is associated with a certain effort. Because you have to export all playlists individually. For this purpose they are published in the first step. Once you have created a new account via e-mail address, you can follow the account originally started with Facebook and transfer all public playlists. Therefore it is necessary to click on any playlist and select subsequent "consequences". Both methods have the disadvantage that only the playlists but artists or albums can not be imported.