Anno 1602 Demo

Anno 1602 Demo

With the 1602 Download the player gets the first row of the Anno series to the computer, which comes to building of settlements and cover their needs. Above all, the planning are the buildings, the trade and the defense in the foreground.

The 1602 Download ensures nostalgia

1998 Anno was published in 1602 Download for the first time and since then it enjoys great popularity, especially in Germany. With this game the player creates a new world he inhabited himself supplied, protected and managed. Here is a demo version of the game is made available in the download area.

With 1602 step by step to a complete population of the islands

At the beginning of the game and after installation of the game the player has some seed capital, start something tool and a ship on which he has embarked on the given map to search for a suitable island.

1602 Download

This island does it apply to colonize, to till with significant buildings and provide even stimulants with all major food and sometimes. Most often it is the case that an island alone can not provide all necessary for survival commodities. Therefore, it is common that a player has at least three islands to which he has to take care simultaneously. Throughout the game, he must bring three elements under a hat: the state of his credit with which he can erect important buildings such as theaters, doctors’ offices or schools; the satisfaction of its population and the development of the population.

1602 Download settlement

By the way, the player still has, depending on the difficulty, be aware of possible attackers or spontaneous fire or drought, which destroy the crops. The balance between these elements to keep is also the goal of the endless gameIt is mostly about a business simulation and the learning effect. Therefore 1602 dispensed compared to many other strategy games for free download almost entirely on war and military actions.

look & Feel the entertaining strategy game

The operation of 1602 is like most games: the gambler must first times purely Peeve few minutes in the game until they can each key and each controller as in sleep. Overall, the handling of 1602 is not difficult though, so get along both inveterate gamblers Friends and Games beginners well with the game. The layout is, according to the age of the game, very minimalist and not graphically sophisticated great. However, the game elements are easy to distinguish from each other and the relatively poor optics also contributes nothing to the targeted learning effect of the game on. If you want to get a picture of 1602, can watch the following video:

The strategic pastime with a learning effect

A download of 1602 has yet to meet a small teaching next game, fun and excitement: In addition to the building and the trade-bustle of the player has on its resources eighth enacted taxes, upgrade his army at a convenient time and construct buildings. This is to learn something about the present economy of gamblers. For this reason, the military elements remain in the background and have little weight.