At the 2048 download is it is a cult game that charged in innumerable offices because of the high addictive potential and entertainment value productivity and nerves.

2048 download with a simple and ingenious gameplay

In the cult Knobler powers of 2 will eventually lead to the magic number 2048th The principle of the free time eater 2048 Portable is simple and ingenious as well: The player combined as long as multiple of the number 2, comes out as a goal until sometime 2048th This sounds simple, but the implementation of the 2048er plan is proving to be as difficult as time consuming. Portable 2048 has a clear playing surface 16 square fields, of which first two tiles which are provided with the number of second The tile numbers pushes the player with the arrow keys simultaneously in the desired direction. Once two identical tiles meet, these are added up and form a new number with the next higher power of two. In addition, each new tile appears to the output value of 2.

In 2048 Portable aim is to combine as quickly as possible before all 16 seats occupied and the game is over. In addition to the download version is a WebApp is available, in which the player directly in the browser may seek the ultimate goal 2048th Unfortunately, the writer of this article had to fit at 512 before the colleagues complain about the time-consuming games test.

2048 download