Sudoku generator

Of the Sudoku generator download generates the logic puzzles in real time so that almost infinite number of puzzles await you. In addition, the puzzles are also printed out so that you can take anywhere.

Sudoku generator download for an infinite number of puzzles

The aim of the game is to enter all the digits from one to nine in a nine by nine boxes large grid. Three conditions must be met: Each number must only once in each column, each row, and are in each block of nine. By cleverly combining the unique solution can unlock. It can also enter your own Sudoku puzzles, which are then solved. The puzzles can also be printed and it can create an A4 page with four puzzles.

The program is written in Java, a Java environment is therefore necessary. The features include:

  • Generates Sudoku puzzles in 5 difficulty levels
  • Ability to enter your own puzzles and solve / can be solved
  • Symmetrical puzzles buildable
  • Individual adjustment of colors
  • Score at any time can be saved
  • Mystery as an image can be saved / printed out
  • Created A4 page with four puzzles
  • Opportunity to make a note numbers, as on paper
  • Marking of false fields
  • Individual fields discoverable
  • 9x9 or 16x16 Sudokus buildable

Sudoku generator download