WhatsApp calls cost - Then you have to pay 2023

WhatsApp calls cost – Then you have to pay

WhatsApp calls cost are not charged to the Messenger, they depend on the data rates of mobile operator. There are all about the data usage and potential cost traps.

How WhatsApp calls incur costs

Since Latest users of Messenger application WhatsApp can telephone for Android with each other. The introduction of the telephone function has provoked conflicting reactions: some wanted to have the option since its first announcement, others want as quickly as possible to disable WhasApp calls.

In addition to the permanent availability of possible additional care by calls for uncertainty.

WhatsApp calls cost

With the introduction of the new call function of messenger operator had no additional calls WhatsApp announced cost. The new service is included in the free use of the first year and in the WhatsApp subscription of 0.89 euros for all subsequent years.

The Messenger uses to send messages, images and videos, the Internet connection of the smartphone. The WhatsApp calls also consume the data volume of the mobile device. pay differently than normal SMS or calls to Messenger apps both sides for each communication, as both transmitters and receivers transmit the same amount of data.

Data usage of WhatsApp calls

An average Messenger message, with no video or high resolution images, consumes an average of 1 kilobyte. The WhatsApp calls from the Android application you have to expect 1.5 MB per minute. That means in plain text: call One minute consumes about as much data volume as 150 messages.

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WhatsApp calls cost data consumption

Whether through WhatsApp calls cost to the user are formed depends completely on the contract with the mobile operator. Who wireless uses, has an extremely generous data plan or even the WhatsApp Sim has, probably has to worry about any additional costs.

Most users have a mobile phone contract with data plan and an additional rate for calls. After consumption of the data volume additional costs may arise in WhatsApp calls. What they are, also depends on the provider.

WhatsApp costs rise overseas

For many users, the call function of the messenger is a good alternative to regular phone calls. But especially abroad, the supposed free telephony can develop into a money pit. By binding Fee Regulation of the European Commission making calls in other European countries costs a maximum € 0.19 per minute, the price per megabyte, and thus a minute Messenger conversation, is significantly higher.

Straight through the increased data consumption while making calls, WhatsApp call costs abroad can be extremely skyrocket. So pay Telefonierende just for incoming calls in Messenger up to five times as much as in a conversation over the mobile network. Generally you should turn off automatic data linking a precaution when traveling and use the Internet primarily via Wi-Fi.