Pacman 2005 1.2

Pacman 2005 1.2

With the Pacman download have inspired nostalgic gamers a fun and entertaining games at hand, which converts the original skillfully. In the arcade classic, the player controls his voracious Pacman through a maze and takes refuge there from the pursuing him spirits.

Pacman Download brings the granddaddy of arcade games back

The arcade and video game Pacman was first published in 1980 by the manufacturer Namco in Japan, first as "Puck Man", According to the Japanese game designer Tōru Iwatani, the sight of a pizza, in which a piece was missing, the inspiration for the voracious Pixelmonster was. For gameplay with Pacman you do not have to say much. The yellow Rundling is controlled by the player through a maze, always on the run from nasty ghosts and searching for energizing pills, with which he can reverse the chase. From the factory, the Free Game brings whopping 60 levels, which should ensure to pass the time alone for But hours.

Pacman download

design click by click their own mazes

Anyone who has successfully overcome this difficulty levels for Pacman 2005 and thirsts for more, uses the built-in level designer. Here one imagines click by click their own mazes with different entertainments of different colors assembled and completed this then.

Pacman in three different levels of difficulty

In the new edition of the famous game of the 80’s the little yellow males should eat all the energy pills of a level while going the phantoms as possible out of the way. Three different difficulty modes (Beginner, Normal, Hard) are available. In the settings can be disabled also switched to a German language interface and the sound of what players Office is strongly recommended. The speed of the arcade game places the player as you wish with a slider from "Slowly" to "Very fast" on.

publish their own Pacman levels

The key assignment can be changed at any time. By default, the arrow keys are used for movement in the four directions and Enter a pause can be inserted. A "Explosion of phantoms" the player shall establish with the space bar. For extra motivation the high score list makes. Here, the Pacman player can enter his best scores and compete not only with his friends, but also with internet gamers. In addition, you can publish your own levels with the best game scores.

Pacman Download Level Editor

Stealth for some period of time

The phantoms haunt the player relentlessly and know exactly to where he was staying. therefore are very handy extras that come up during the game. These ensure that Pacman is invincible and invisible, for example, for a certain period of time. Funny Pacman version with built-in level editor Justifiably can be called the Pacman download as one of the most important founding fathers and as Evergreen arcade classic. While the present here freeware version Pacman 2005 wearing nothing revolutionary new to the game principle in, but bring it a level editor with the computer, create the creative gamers their own mazes.