Farming Simulator 2015

With the Farming Simulator 2015 download the user controls executor of various sizes, tilled fields, harvest his seed and livestock operates like a real farmer. it as a venue to him are two ways: first, the Nordic Environment Bjorn Holm and once the North American environment Westbridge Hills.

Facing up to the Farming Simulator 2015 Download the challenges of agriculture

In agriculture is one of the oldest economic activities of the people. It is about the production of animal or plant products, which are then offered for sale at wholesale or retail dealers. The procedure for this is quite complex and the virtual farmers must proceed structured and organized to carry off the greatest possible profit and their stock of animals, land, equipment and of course to increase capital. And that's the point in this simulation for avid farmers also. What is at stake in other games, can be checked for free download at another simulator games.

Farming Simulator 2015 downloadWith Farming Simulator 2015 Download the world of agriculture to meet (Picture: GIANTS Software)

The Farming Simulator 2015 builds on strategic thinking and understanding of market-based relationships

In the agricultural simulation it's basically about making more money to populate the farm with more fields and to expand it with more animals and equipment. For this, however, the gamer also needs to provide all kinds. Not only does he ordered his fields with various types of grain, livestock products produced or sold them at all, he must also pay close attention to which machines and tools he faces these difficult tasks.

So he needs different tractor, trailer and equipment to cultivate the fields or transport the grain. He has to buy all bought. For this, the gamer has a certain start-up capital, but can also draw on its existing portfolio and these sell with respect to his next steps. For this reason, the gambler must always have set to know exactly how he has to act a strategy. This requires logical thinking and market-based calculation, because only when the gamer for bestgebotenen Price sells its products, it can also draw profit. It is then also possible for him to always buy bigger equipment and companion to order more and more land and be able to sell more and more grain.

Farming Simulator 2015 download tipperThe virtual farmers are over 100 devices and vehicles. (Picture: GIANTS Software)

Accessories and inventory of fun and strategic simulation

As befits a large-scale farmers, the gamer has at the beginning of a download of Farming Simulator 2015 on a certain start-up capital, as well as quite a bit of land, animals and tools! For the remainder of the game are the virtual farmers over 100 equipment and vehicles available, which it can purchase all bought. Among them are some of the most prestigious brands on the market, as Fliegl Krampe, Brantner or miner. To apply it in livestock straight times three animal species to reconcile, namely chickens, sheep and cows.

While the chickens actually have little need for care; because they deal with just about to collect the eggs, sheep and cows already cost more power. Their products will be produced first and then sold to the highest bidder. Both the meat, milk and related dairy products and the new wool of the sheep must be brought to the people. Finally, there is next to agriculture and animal husbandry nor the agricultural branch of forestry. This is new to the game Farming Simulator 2015 and provides additional fun, because: The gamer must first cut down the trees and then chop the tree stumps to logs, which are ultimately sold.

The gameplay of Farming Simulator 2015: the appointment of the soil and transport - with tractor rides for more enthusiasm

Bit lengthy agricultural simulation is already. It is primarily a matter to till the soil and that costs time and leisure. Meanwhile, you can watch the equipment as it moves the field up and then close to the first track back down at regular intervals.

Farming Simulator 2015 download tracksIt takes time and leisure to till the soil. (Picture: GIANTS Software)

This procedure takes course The bigger the country and the agricultural land, the longer. In addition, the trips must be planned, which must make the farmer to as the best and most expensive cereals, namely rape to sell. Requires him to travel each time with a stretcher for highest bidder sale station and this can sometimes be at the other end of the card. On the other hand, it is also fun to drive the tractor through the countryside, and to navigate this large craft through farmland and roads.

For graphics and control of agricultural Simulation

With all this theory, the strategic thinking and the calculus of games fun during a download of Farming Simulator 2015 may not be missing. For this, the environment must provide with some lovely details, a straightforward menu and proper charge of the game without any lag. The controls are very similar to the previous simulations and works as usual very good. Small stuttering at the beginning of the game lie down after a short time. The menu navigation has been criticized in many places because it is quite complicated especially for inexperienced gamers. but what remains is an agricultural simulation, which not offers impressive graphics and attention to detail, but at least here and there, but like to be surprised again.

So now and then a few birds or butterflies fly through the image, which complete the farmer's idyll. the Agriculture feeling is completed by the noise that really something fancier. Whether it is the birdsong or the hum of the working tractor; Noise, due to the nature and work done, always with sound in the background and provide for the virtual farmer for comfort. How this all sounds and looks the player can view the following video:

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