The free WLAN Optimizer ensures the best possible latency for connections in the radio network. The free helper polishes to at settings such as periodic background scans and activates the streaming mode.

What is the WLAN Optimizer Download

When using a WiFi connection can cause different types of connection problems. If the Wi-Fi router in another room or even on a different floor, thick walls and ceilings can sometimes weaken the connection quality. can then in such a case of lack of signal quality and the WLAN Optimizer Download not help - as helps in doubt, only a stronger router or a new location or a wireless repeater to refresh the signal over longer distances. Where the little tool to optimize wireless but can help is the occurrence of so-called lag. A lag, respectively, the latency time is the response time required to receive a signal or to confirm receipt thereof and so as to receive the next signal. Especially when streaming or playing online games, the latency is a very important value and can materially affect the correct functioning, even though it involves usually only a few milliseconds. According minimal measures when can already wireless Tuning to be helpful. Here, the free WiFi Optimizer comes on the scene and optimize small screws on the wireless setup. Because by default, Windows runs at regular intervals from certain actions on the wireless receiver, which of course affect the performance in time-critical applications. These actions can disable optimizer WiFi.

optimize Wi-Fi: How it works

The optimization of the WLAN Optimizer requires an installed .NET Framework version 3.5. Thus the the wireless Tool on Windows XP optimize WLAN can also be an installed Service Pack 3 requirement. To install the tool, you simply unzip it after downloading it to a folder and runs the EXE file. About the Settings tab to start automatically with Windows can be activated via hooks, each available wireless tweaks are also activated via checkbox. WLAN Optimizer features in detail:

  • disable AutoConfigThe Wireless Auto Configuration replaced since Windows Vista Wireless Zero Configuration, and is quite simply the built-in Windows tool for WLAN management. The tool periodically checks for new wireless connections are available and connects to when needed. The Wi-Fi is respected list of priorities, which ensures that an existing connection may cut off and a new one is built. The scan for new networks takes time and may affect the wireless connection at short notice. Whether and how great the influence is depends on the drivers, especially older drivers provide here sometimes for large lag.
  • Switch off the background scanEven if one uses instead of the built-in Windows tools other wireless software, the associated Windows regularly a scan start interface in the background. Result: see above.
  • Enable Streaming modeThe streaming mode is a Windows function that quasi admonished the WLAN driver to concentrate on the current operation and carry out any own actions.

WLAN Optimizer Download

Little helpers, big impact These days, WLAN to lag far as possible the past. However, those who suspected problems with response times of Wireless Networks, is also there well advised where other free downloads LAN tool must strike sail from our download catalog according to many Internet forums using the free Wi-Fi Optimizer download. Whether and which option helps probably have to try each user. But that's done with the slim tool with minimal effort in no time. Practical: When closing the application, the program provides the default values ​​from Windows again. Recommended.