Change Password Amazon - Here's How!

Change Password Amazon – Here’s How!

Who own Change Password Amazon would like to find in this guide the guide on how it works flawlessly. A regular exchange of their own access password ensures that the security of the account will be permanently maintained. We show where Amazon has hidden change the option for the password and the steps needed to reset their own password Amazon!

Amazon password change made easy

The account settings at Amazon can be adapted quickly and easily on Amazon app or directly in the web browser on the Amazon website. This applies not only for their own password. Even though your own e-mail address or mobile phone number that is used to log into the Amazon account has changed, the user makes the appropriate changes in a rather straightforward manner.

Change Password Amazon

Call Log on Amazon and the account settings

First, the user clicks on the Amazon website the top right of my account. Here you can manage their own account settings and see the Amazon orders. Under the item settings and account settings, the user name, e-mail address or password select Change. a new page titled account settings appears to change. can be on this side of the own name, e-mail address, mobile phone number and your own access password to add or change. Those who want to specifically change the Amazon password, click on the right next to the Edit button.

Change Password Amazon account settings

Twice enter exactly the same new password

So that the user reaches the page Change Password. At the top it gives the current password, including the new password. This must be different from the old password. The entry of the new password is performed a second time in the box below. This is to ensure that not a typo mistake creeps unnoticed. Only if the same exact password is entered twice, Amazon sets the password back really and the user must henceforth with the newly elected password at his Amazon account login.

Save after you click the change applies this new password and the old one is obsolete. In addition, Amazon will send a confirmation email to your own email address, the password was changed. The user is then already reach the next log only with the new password in the private area of ​​the Amazon stores.

Change Password Passwords Amazon

At regular intervals, you should change the password Amazon

To protect the Amazon’s password against online criminals, it should be changed at regular intervals. It is very important in selecting a secure password. This should not be already used on other websites. Who his password can not remember, write it down and kept it in a safe place. The password must contain at Amazon at least six and up to 128 characters. Under no circumstances should passwords as "amazon". "123456" or use your own name or date of birth. Even dictionary words, your own e-mail address or other personal information, such as the first name of the wife or the pet should not be considered as passwords.

Tips for strong passwords

However, it is advisable to install an additional safeguard special characters and numbers in the password. For example, the password "! Paula8-%" much safer than simply assess "Paula", Note that passwords are case-sensitive is well. It is therefore necessary that upper and lower case to remember the character in choosing their own password well and to make sure that the Caps Lock key on the keyboard is not checked when entering.

Amazon completely forgotten password?

In this guide we have described Change Password the way for Amazon. If the user, however, have completely forgotten his password, it of course does not succeed in this way, reset the password because the user can log no longer in his Amazon account. This can easily happen. Many users feel overwhelmed by the abundance of access data, passwords and PINs. Hence it is often the case that the own Amazon password is forgotten. Fortunately, there is also a fast, easy way to reset the password again and select a new one: The Amazon customer simply requests a password-assistance in the greeter and receives Amazon a personalized link to your e-mail address.

Change Password Forgotten Amazon