Of the SpeedFan download monitors and controls fan speeds and temperatures in the PC. This small freeware utility supports more than 200 different motherboard chipsets and displays important information, such as CPU temperature, voltage or fan speed at. The latter can be controlled even. Similarly, the SpeedFan download enables the output of S.M.A.R.T. data that provide information about the status of hard drives.

SpeedFan download for all Windows systems

The complimentary measurement, monitoring and control program for internal temperature sensors and fan supports all major Windows operating systems. It reads various voltages as vCore and other power supply output voltages and presents them graphically over a longer course . Thus comes to overheating problems on the track, reduces the noise level of the computer and increases battery life.

Switching to a German language interface

After starting the program the user is looking at a clear, divided by tabs view. Those on a German language interface wishes to switch, the German attitude has to choose after SpeedFan download at Configure / Options.

SpeedFan download

S.M.A.R.T. ensures rapid diagnosis of hard drives

In addition to the fan speeds, users can refer to the so-called front side bus of the CPU impact and temperature values ​​of connected hard disks with S.M.A.R.T. read. The integrated into modern hard drives S.M.A.R.T. technology allows the permanent monitoring of important parameters and the timely detection of imminent problems and defects.

optimizing battery life of notebook computers with SpeedFan

In the computer monitor existing chips for various components of the free helper via SMBus reads and displays measurement results in a status monitor. The speed of some fan regulates the user with SpeedFan down to the dampen noise. Tuning-friends also use dynamically changing the CPU and FSB clock. This can reduce the generation of heat at idle and have a noise reduction result. Further optimization options affect the battery life of notebooks and netbooks.

Notified by e-mail for certain events

Useful is the opportunity in events like the notify reach any particular processor temperature stubbornness allow. This can be done by e-mail or pop-up. The minimize button minimizes the program window SpeedFan to the taskbar, where you constantly receives information on the temperature of the hardware.

SpeedFan Download temperatures

observed temperatures and fan speed with SpeedFan

In our information, the user gets Information about the built-chipset. Under Exotic the revolutions of the fans and the core temperatures can be monitored at a glance. The most important hard drive data, however, can be in the tab S.M.A.R.T. members. A click on Perform in-depth analysis of this online hard disk sends the SMART data to an online server, evaluates them graphically. Subgraph observation of the long-term course of temperatures, fan speed, and voltage is possible.

SpeedFan Download graph

Hardware damage caused by improper overclocking

But watch out: Those who want to overclock with SpeedFan his computer, should contact previously with the dangers apart and know exactly where he wants to lend a hand. The settings you have to be very careful because a Incorrect configuration for example by overheating hardware damage can lead.