Criminal Case cheat and tricks for more coins & Energy

Criminal Case cheat and tricks for more coins & Energy

Is there a Criminal Case Cheat or are they fakes? Here’s Instead of Lame Links tips on how to generate more energy and coins can be collected!

After Criminal Case Download Players must investigate when police investigators crime scenes, find evidence and solve tricky murder cases. The murderous hidden object game can be played via Facebook or mobile on iOS and Android devices.

Instead of a Criminal Case Cheat legal recharge your batteries and collect coins

The main element of the game is energy. 20 energy points are due for any investigation of a crime scene. After just over three minutes into the booth filled to each one power point. Since a maximum of 120 points of energy can be stored, they should be used cleverly in the game. For example, by carefully considered when to Levelt. With each new level, the energy account fills up. Therefore a filled energy account should be consumed with difficult crime scenes and unlocked only after the next level.

Whose energy resources are exhausted, should take on a Criminal Case Cheat rely more on his Facebook contacts. Play that also CC can be exchanged daily energy reserves. Those who do not have enough contacts, can make problematic new on this Facebook page.

Criminal Case CheatFriends ask instead Criminal Case Cheat use

To generate resources, this page should be visited regularly. There is not only energy booster at regular intervals, but also items like orange juice, coins, notes or luck cards. Orange juice, chips and burgers are good sources of energy and may increase the account as needed. With references to crime scenes be examined quickly and thanks to the revamped Coins equipment or booster to buy.

  Criminal Case cheat and tricks for more coins & Energy

Criminal Case Cheat Boostercollect bonuses on the Facebook page of CC

Other ways to increase its energy, are the one playing the mini games. These need to be uncovered by clicks notes. the note is found the sooner, the more energy is credited to the account. Secondly, you should regularly back up the day bonus, which brings not just money and up to 50 energy points.

Criminal Case Cheat Day Bonussecure daily bonus, Images: Pretty Simple

Star dust and advance the investigation.

In order to advance the investigation, it is not enough to examine the crime scene: evidence must the laboratory or the victims in the coroner’s office. These stars are needed, which in turn are earned by investigating the crime scenes. With each scene five stars can be earned. In order to achieve this as quickly as possible, you should solve as quickly as possible and without notice the hidden object. There is also a bonus if just a small amount of time between the discovery of the objects. Therefore, all items should be sought and only then clicked quickly in sequence first. This means that less energy is consumed per star.

One last word on the links that promise Criminal Case cheat. We tested a couple of these deals, but found no cheat, delivers what it promises. On the contrary, in most of these dubious offers, users will only facilitate their access data. We therefore advise: Stay away!