despite all the alternatives for many the Office suite is still the number one when it comes to word processing, spreadsheet and Co.. but it also has its price, may not necessarily apply to students. But can you Microsoft Office Student free receive? We'll tell you more.

Microsoft Office Student freeYou wonder where you get Microsoft Office Student for free? Maybe even at the university! (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Microsoft Office Student for free? Partially possible!

As a student you are on a good word processor, presentation software or a tool for spreadsheet simply instructed. How else papers, theses, papers and Co. to be written and prepared? Often, Word, PowerPoint and Excel are the first choice, but most are grown up with these programs.

But what if you suddenly no longer has access to the old software, because a new computer hermusste or Word previously used is simply hopelessly outdated? For students who often high software prices are rarely affordable. Also, the current Office 2016 download is after the free trial period - albeit cheaper than the previous - still expensive. Although the Home Edition is now regarded as a student version, it still costs about 150 euros per license. But students of some universities are lucky!

Microsoft Office Student free cooperationFor cooperation with other Office 365 is definitely the best choice. (Picture: pixabay)

Office 365 in the Educational version

The key word Office 365. Although the subscription model offered by Microsoft actually costs a month at least seven euros and 69 euros a year. There are, however, a variant especially for students and teachers and other Unimitarbeiter. You can even download the Pro Plus version, which you, among others, collaborating with others and sharing documents again simplified. The sticking point: Your university has to offer this model.

Nearly 80 universities and colleges offer their students a free access to Office 365 - as long as they are enrolled at the university.If your university is and your order are allowed to use as a student free Microsoft Office, you can check here: Microsoft Office 365 - is my university there?

Should you your college can not find wonders but just check out the IT for - perhaps the access is still new and the university therefore not appear in the list.but otherwise you have a few other options.

College is not it? There are alternatives

Alternatively, you can rely 365 University on Office. This model will cost you 79 euros once and you can use on any equipment long all integrated applications for four years.

Or you close you along with four others and organizing yourselves to Office 365 Home Access, which costs 99 euros per year. Through five representing nearly 20 euros per person.

You come completely free if you simply use Office Online. This variant You can simply call via the browser - but not all functions are obtained here. The catch: You need online access also to save.

Have you only interested in Microsoft OneNote, you gain this also so completely free.

Microsoft Office Student free workOne thing is clear: A good office suite facilitates you work at the university. (Image: Microsoft)

But sometimes, for example, student councils have flying around somewhere an old version of Office on a CD, which you can, if necessary, might lend you sometimes including key - if your notebook or PC even still has a CD drive. but this tip you have not by us. And consider: Since Microsoft has modified some provisions, it works well most, with Word 2007 or so. And before you use it, you can watch also download a free alternative or simply use Office Online.

Should you need Word and Co. only for a short time, you can watch simply with us Office 2016 download. One month you can test the suite for free.

But you see: There are ways through which you can use free Microsoft Office Student - or at least very cheap. Good luck with your studies!