That's why you should send the WhatsApp unicorn!

That’s why you should send the WhatsApp unicorn!

The end of 2015 it was time: The WhatsApp Unicorn could be sent or serve as Emoji for the status. Everything Facts about the mythical creatures!

To see the mystical Emoji and use, you need only download the latest WhatsApp least under the operating system Android 6.0.1 and iOS 9.3

Here you will find the WhatsApp Unicorn

The magical beings finds its logically on the Emoji keyboard of the Messengers in the category Animals. Between horse and bee it stands out with pink fur and a rainbow-colored horn from the mass of other icons – and not only in WhatsApp, but in most messengers is the mythical creatures – if any – can be found here. Most recently, Skype has added the magical unicorn in the collection of his emoji, and indeed even animated. So the mystical creature now trots by the news of the Windows Messenger.

WhatsApp UnicornWith Unicode 8 WhatsApp not only got a unicorn. (Picture: The Unicode Consortium)

Ride the unicorn or something …

Whether at threema, Skype or WhatsApp: The Unicorn experienced current hype, second to none: Whether as Glitter ketchup, jelly babies, whether on toilet paper and “hunting trophy” on the wall: Unicorns are marketed at the moment, where and as it gets , is that in this range of products at some point gets too much, is almost not be excluded. Despite this, or perhaps why there are good reasons to love the fabulous animals. Firstly, because they originally were, and the other is the symbol of innocence and truthfulness because their transformed contemporary meaning has an important statement:

WhatsApp Unicorn ColorUnicorns are now a powerful symbol of individuality. (Picture: pixabay)

Send WhatsApp unicorn and color (s) acknowledge

The reason for this lies in the excretions of the mythical creature. For a few years the mystical animal secretes rainbow-colored excrement. And the rainbow in turn represents the diversity of life forms, acceptance and tolerance. Especially the lesbian and gay movement has served as an international icon since the 70s of the rainbow flag. And the unicorn was in recent times symbol of individualism and personal freedom to express yourself and to live as you want (and not, as the company might expect). So looking at the Unicorn WhatsApp and use it in your status or sends it in your message – if you do not follow the hype or: The Emoji your color can confess!

You want to know more about unicorns?

extended status on WhatsApp with a unicorn? Then you get back for more facts about the mystical mythical creatures. Thereby revealing our article: “mythical creatures Unicorn: importance Hype & Myth “about the origin of the horned animals. In addition, here `s an entire gallery with unicorn sayings:

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