Endless Slideshow Screensaver

Of the Endless Slideshow Screensaver Download loads images from a plurality of selectable categories down and automatically makes a stylish slideshow. The appearance of the slideshow provides the user with the freeware one according to his own wishes.

30 transition effects with Endless Slideshow Screensaver Download

Particularly interesting and varied are the transition effects. Here Endless Slideshow Screensaver has over 30 effects to fade from one image to the next, a RAW image can be integrated. In the extended, paid Pro version, there are more than 200th

Set dwell time of the photos

The period of time to see a photo on the screen, can be set free at Endless Slideshow Screensaver also. Images that do not fill the entire monitor, the user upon request to any background color. The free screensaver also supports systems with multiple monitors.

Endless Slideshow Screensaver Download

Endless Slideshow Screensaver invites from numerous photo Categories

For categories following areas are under Internet Pictures available: 3D, airplanes, animals, anime, art, cars, cartoons, celebrities, computers, Fantasy, Flowers, Games, Girls, Men, Movies, motorcycles, music, nature, attractions, space and wine. Each category can be switched on with a mouse click or be voted out of office, so that the user only gets to see pictures of his favorite areas. If you want your photos rather from his own picture collection on the desktop are in the settings under Local Pictures respective images folder.

Stretches small images to the whole desktop

Under Viewer various settings for showing the images are possible. Among other things, the images friend can specify here whether smaller photos are stretched so that they fill the whole screen. Particularly interesting are the settings under Slideshow. Here each individual image transition can be activated or deactivated separately. In this way, the user determines exactly how the fade from one image to the next is to take place.

Endless Slideshow Screensaver Download Categories

Pro version of Endless Slideshow Screensaver with extra features

The Pro version adds the ability to create their own text on the images. The user can also here Show date and time and spend the EXIF ​​information of the images. Other features remain the subject of fee-based version, are configurable framework that can be placed around the photos and the ability to filter the images by size or EXIF ​​keywords. The user is not limited to 50 wallpapers per category and can load a blank limit number of images from the Internet every day. Pausing and resuming the slide show works as well as controlling the show with the arrow keys to move, for example, to the next or previous image. The photos can also delete by pressing, duplicate or rotate in 90-degree increments. Numerous other Slideshow Tools includes our software catalog for free download. More variety on the desktop The slideshow screensaver provides the Endless Slideshow Screensaver download for change on the desktop. The screensaver invites it either photos from the Internet or from the local hard disk. Despite some limitations, the freeware version already provides users with the most important functions to bring slideshows and wallpaper on the screen. Useful is the ability to save favorite images with a mouse click on the hard drive permanently.