With WhatsApp Plus settings for new look

With WhatsApp Plus settings for new look

With WhatsApp Plus Settings can be make the Messenger according to individual needs. learn more here and spice up his Messenger! Messenger have now replaced on many phones the classic SMS. Clear group chats, detailed shipping information and loads of extras are one of the unique advantages. When it comes to special features of WhatsApp Plus Download offers the greatest scope. This is an unofficial clone of the famous communication app. The messaging is fully functioning between the two versions. In addition to the advanced settings, the app offers another advantage: Because it is not an official extension in PLUS, the not collect data from Facebook. However, it is unclear through the opaque legal situation that privacy policies are adhered to.

Messenger personalize settings with WhatsApp Plus

Among the most popular features of the messenger heard the ability to customize the look of your own taste. The color of the icon, the font in the chat window, and the whole look of the program can be changed in the settings WhatsApp Plus.

Change WhatsApp Plus Icon

The symbol of the messenger is derived from the original, but can be color-matched. If you opt for the green variety, there is no difference on the official WhatsApp icon. Should be to conventionally the green speech bubble with white phone, or to bite with the background image, there are settings in WhatsApp Plus under Launcher Icon ten alternative colors and even a special icon. WhatsApp Plus Settings

Adjust font and color in chat

In the PLUS menu settings can the Adjust entire look of the app. Message window, home, view the contact list, pop-up notification, contact pictures, and more, can be changed. So you can, normally held at the chat window even the color of the header in boring gray, making the size of the contact image and font of the name from scratch. In the actual chat history all fonts can be customized in addition to the background color of the chat bubbles and the background. Even for the letters on the keyboard, a special font can be selected. When you have found the perfect settings combination is also called Theme, are stored. WhatsApp Plus Settings navigation

Themes in WhatsApp Plus

The Themes have an xml format and saved under sdcard0 / WhatsApp / Plus / saved_pref. So you can switch between different representations without much effort. In the user community is a real competition for the most beautiful compilation has developed. Many users call their themes and put them in forums available for download. Who does not want even create personalized images in arduous manual labor, can easily download a ready-made theme and settings buy a new look on the WhatsApp Plus his Messenger. More information about WhatsApp Plus themes are here. WhatsApp Plus settings Themes