Avast Mobile Security

Of the Avast Mobile Security Download, also "Mobile Security & antivirus" called, provides an excellent all-round protection at no cost against viruses and other unwanted intruders on Android Smartphiones and tablets. From Phishing private data to malware, spyware and trojans, the mobile virus hunters recognize many dangers in the bud and blocks them from reliable.

Avast Mobile Security Download with reliable antivirus protection

Many security tools like a virus and malware scanner and trojan removal for infected files are available in the antivirus app Avast Free Mobile Security. The Mobile Security & However, antivirus app includes not only antivirus protection but provides owners of Android phones with a useful function against wireless vulnerabilities. Other features for security-conscious users to control and to protect their own privacy are app permissions, app locks and call and SMS filter.

Avast Mobile Security DownloadAvast Mobile Security Download a free antivirus for Android devices. Source: Avast

The virus and malware scanner checks new apps

Several different modules are available for the Avast Mobile Security download. The antivirus module contains the basic virus and malware scanner that automatically scans for infected apps, viruses and Trojans. New Apps and their APK files are thoroughly checked for spyware and viruses before the first execution. Under the heading app permissions the user has a good overview of all installed apps. So let security issues such as access rights, verify the integration of ad networks and permissions of apps and check. Practically, the call-blockers, with which the user can block numbers from their owners, he does not want to be contacted.

Apps can be shut off with a PIN

Web protection Avast Mobile Security scans and blocks malware-infected links and sorted Trojans, adware and spyware from reliable, so that one's privacy is protected and safe web browsing is ensured. The scanner also takes care of USSD numbers that can clear all memory of a device under certain circumstances. In addition, the web protection can also modify mistyped URLs. The app lock finally protects the security and privacy of sensitive private contents. Any apps can be shut off is straightforward with a PIN here.

Avast Mobile Security Download Scan

locate phone is lost with Avast Mobile Security, lock and erase

Avast Free Mobile Security also has a built-in firewall and a task manager on board. The app also offers practical help when using their own phone is stolen or lost. The device can be located in this case, locked and if need be cleared by remote control. The effect on the battery life and overall performance adheres to the Mobile Security & Antivirus app within limits. so no need to worry that the additional malware protection too quickly robs the battery juice. Many other programs to remove malware and virus contains our software catalog for free download.