Those who want to convert PDF documents to the popular image format TIF, with the PDF2TIF download well served as this small, free tool dedicated to this special task accurately. The freeware requires the installation of the also freely available PDF interpreter Ghostscript for the conversion process.

PDF2TIF download available for the rapid conversion of PDF files

In PDF2TIF is just as simple as uncomplicated tool to convert PDF documents to TIFF images. In the top of the window, the input PDF directory and the output TIF can be seen directory. The appropriate folder selects or modifies the user about the little arrows below. By clicking on it you can use any disk folder can be determined. Once a folder is selected that contains PDF documents, the files are visible and can be specifically selected. A click on the big button "Start conversion now" enough to put the conversion process in motion.

PDF2TIF download

Link to the Ghostscript program file

PDF2TIF does not need any installation on the computer. The output of TIF files is either in black and white or with a 24-bit color depth. Thus, the freeware works smoothly, users must first of all in the program setup PDF2TIF with the Ghostscript file "gswin32c.exe" link. This is found in the bin subdirectory of the Ghostscript root folder.

Free interpreter for PostScript and PDF

When Ghostscript is a free interpreter for PostScript and Portable Document Format (PDF). This provides an API with functions to display PostScript and PDF on printers or screens. Ghostscript is used among other things for the screening of PostScript or PDF files and convert them to other file formats.

PDF2TIF Download Ghostscript

PDF2TIF appear with regard to appearance and operation somewhat dated

This is the PDF2TIF download an older tool that leaves now but still need something both in terms of looks and handling. In addition, the PDF Converter can be used effectively only with 32-bit systems, as Ghostscript is specified in the 32-bit version as a prerequisite. Those looking for additional PDF tools, find it in our extensive download offer. save PDF documents reliably as TIF images The free PDF2TIF stores PDF documents of all kinds from as images in TIF format. Thanks Ghostscript support the portable-purpose freeware works quickly and reliably. Only the outer appearance of the PDF converter would not hurt a refurbishment.