Pokemon GO IV App

Pokemon GO IV App

The Pokémon GO IV App is a free tool that can be calculated quickly and easily, in which Monster stardust and sweets should be invested

identify the most promising monsters with the Pokémon GO IV App

The IV value is a little like the deoxyribonucleic acid of the Pokémon. In contrast to the values ​​of attack, defense and stamina, which are broken down for each type of IV can these values ​​each additional 15 points – so total a maximum of 45 per Pokémon – increase. That does not sound once for an awful lot, but can make the difference, especially in the later levels. Thanks to the Pokémon GO IV app, the favorites can be identified quickly because the tool tells users how much of the possible 15 points for attack, defense and stamina are expected.

Pokémon GO IV AppWith Pokémon IV GO app find the strongest monster.

The use of a Pokémon Calculator violates the Terms of Use

Within Pokémon GO these IV values ​​of players are not visible. IV stands for “Individual Values” So individual values. They should provide within the game for a certain randomness, so that players can not calculate everything. The IV value is therefore deliberately obfuscated. If one now airs with the Pokémon GO IV app the veil, which is a violation of the Terms of Use of the provider. Since the developer Niantic now also blocks accounts in the long term and not just Softbans imposed by a few hours, so be careful here. Although the risk is low, because so far mainly players were locked, manipulated their GPS data or have used a bot. If you still do not want to take the risk can read our article on how to calculate various websites Pokémon GO IV. The clip explains the principle of the IV again in more detail:

Whereupon a high IV value affects?

ie a strong Pokémon reaches a IV of 15/15/15 and is perfect for a development or a power-up. A high IV value then drives namely the competition points and power points in the height and provides for a power-up for significantly higher maximum values ​​in the attack on the defensive or endurance. Really relevant to the IV but only from about Level 20th