Which Sky receiver is suitable for whom?

Which Sky receiver is suitable for whom?

If you order a Sky subscription, receives a Sky receiver, mostly as a free addition. But which device is the better choice? Here now to find out more about the different Sky receiver models!

Sky receiver & Recorder as a control center for the Sky program

Sky subscribers can look forward to an HD receiver as a control center for the Sky program and reception via satellite or cable television. The receiver has a Smart Card slot, in these the Sky customer card, which provides for the encryption of the Sky programs comes. Sky customers who receive their TV program via Telekom EntertainTV or Vodafone TV DSL, do not need the separate receiver of Sky because they can use their previous media receiver. On the Sky Go app the user to identify the programming on the move to make.

Sky receiverWhich Sky receiver worth it for whom? (Picture: Sky / Editorial)

What is the difference between the Sky + HD receivers and the Sky + Pro hard disk receiver?

The current standard model is the Sky + HD hard disk receiver. He has recording functions and a Sky On Demand support. However, there is now yet another model, the Sky + Pro UHD Festplattenreceiver in Ultra-HD. We show below the differences between the two devices.

Sky receiver Sky + HD receiversThe Sky + HD receivers, the current standard model (Picture: Sky)

Ultra-HD content received in best quality.

The Sky + HD hard disk receiver has an internal hard drive with 320GB, making Sky On Demand capability. This Sky receiver is included free with a Sky subscription for the duration of the subscription. The Sky + Pro Ultra-HD hard drive receiver is a 1 terabyte luxury model to receive Ultra-HD content from Sky in best quality. With the integrated WLAN module, the user can make a wireless connection to the home network and related content via Sky On Demand. Just as the Sky + HD hard disk receiver and the Sky + Pro Ultra-HD hard drive receiver from Humax comes. This is the model Humax ESD 160s. This device especially appeals to users, representing the ultra-high-definition content and want to be prepared for television in 4K.

New UHD receiver with increased storage capacity

The new UHD receiver can not only technically more, but also makes a more modern visual impression. Anyone who has booked a tourist or Bundesliga package with Sky HD option and has the appropriate television, can the channels "Sky Bundesliga Ultra HD" or. "Sky Sport Ultra HD" use. of course is practical and the extra space because the 1-terabyte hard drive with up to 125 hours in HD offers significantly more space for recording.

Sky receiver Sky + Pro FestplattenreceiverThe top model: The Sky + Pro UHD Festplattenreceiver (Picture: Sky)

Is it worth the extra cost for the Sky + Pro Ultra HD Festplattenreceiver?

Currently, the Sky + Pro receiver new customers has been diminished only in conjunction with the HD option and / or the transmitter package Sky Entertainment for free. Otherwise, a surcharge of 99 €. Many customers wonder, therefore, whether the extra cost is worth it. Our recommendation: Since the Sky UHD programs at the time are still sorely limited, and is a prerequisite for the use of an ultra-HD TV should grab new customers usually for Sky + HD hard disk receiver, especially since both receivers hardly differ in the most important functions.