Super Audio Converter converts audio files to multiple formats. The audio Shareware embeds itself into Windows Explorer and converted by right-clicking. Since the conversion takes place without intermediate storage, the conversion is gaining pace. Over its surface is Super Audio Converter for each supported file format provides a button. With a click, the user defines the target format. Who wants to convert as an audio book with multiple files, stores them in a queue. The batch conversion then processes the files in order and processes it in the desired format. The converter stands out positively by its seamless integration into Windows. In addition to the context menu integration include the drag'n'drop support. The user simply pulls one or more file (s) into the tool, they then opens. The audio converter plays the most popular file formats from directly. Today an audio conversion does not have to be connected to the installation of a hard-to-use software. Super Audio Converter converts a number of audio formats by dragging and dropping or right-click into the desired format. Because the conversion takes place without detours, the result is also afloat available. Supported formats: MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG and VQF.