FRITZBox Fon WLAN 7113 Firmware

FRITZBox Fon WLAN 7113 Firmware

The current FRITZ! Box Fon WLAN 7113 Firmware extends the now-something in the years come Fritzbox 7113 with additional functions. From improving already integrated features to increase the wireless range so much can be achieved through a simple update of the software.

FRITZ! Box 7113 firmware download for more power in the home network

The most important improvements to the FRITZ! Box Fon WLAN 7113 Firmware there optimized DSL driver and increased interoperability fax in telephony. An updated DSL driver optimizes DSL synchronization at specific ports. Even with the statistics and the DSL settings a lot has changed. In addition, the update offers a new user interface to the display comfort functions active and direct links to DSL, wireless and cable and bookmarks for frequently used functions.

Various system improvements in the firmware

Another interesting system optimizations concern Support for newcomers through setup wizard, the display of a security alert in password not set, and a Notice of availability in new firmware. Will now be an event message "Internet connection is established" stating the broadband PoPs and it was added to Internet / release for port forwarding and Dynamic DNS, a menu item.

FRITZ! Box 7113 Firmware Download

Improvements in wireless and telephony

In telephony, AVM has improved the fax transmission over the Internet, the WLAN reduced by automatically adjusting the wireless transmission power radio emissions. WLAN Auto Channel automatically selects the appropriate environment for optimal wireless channel. In the telephony area also the signaling of landline calls was stabilized on an analogue connection and problems in triggering of ringing it were dissolved at various phones.

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FRITZ! Box 7113 firmware with enhanced security features

AVM points out that through the enhanced security features in FRITZ! Box 7113 Firmware Download may log on to the FRITZ! Box password are included, is no longer, or only to a limited extent. If the FRITZBox regularly calls for a re-login, the user should ensure that all programs that access the box, be in the current version and support session IDs. Other tools and driver from AVM can be found for free download in our software offering. Numerous improvements in the current Fritz box firmware With the FRITZ! Box 7113 Firmware Download it keeps its own Fritz box up to date. A firmware update is worthwhile, because AVM its devices supplied not only with new features, it also includes vulnerabilities.