Agricultural Simulator 2011 packs the profession of farmer in an exciting economic and trade simulation. In addition to the entertainment of the court and the arable land many other tasks such as animal husbandry are in to lead the agricultural operation on economic success. In Agricultural Simulator 2011 faithfully represented 3D models of agricultural machinery such as tractors and combine harvesters of CLAAS are used. All machines can be controlled by the player himself. On the virtual yard there is always something to do. Either the animals have supplied or the fields are ordered. The cultivation of feed and energy materials also contributes to sales as the livestock. During the game action of the fleet in Agricultural Simulator 2011 is growing steadily. More powerful agricultural machinery provide the ability to manage larger areas. In the business section of Agricultural Simulator 2011 it is optimally allocate all the funds and labor inputs in order to generate maximum profits. Agricultural Simulator 2011 impresses with detailed graphics and huge 3D landscapes with valleys and mountains. An exciting career mode, a number of agricultural machinery and a variety of fields of activity Great for gaming on the computer.